Lavender Face Butter

Lavender Face Butter

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The NaturalAnnie's face butter is very delicate yet protects you from the elements daily, from the harsh cold, to hot summer days, dirt, and sun exposure. With no harsh chemicals this face butter leaves your skin soft and well moisturized without feeling greasy. It is the perfect non-toxic alternative to commercial facial creams. Rich and creamy, and absorbs into the skin easily. The rich shea butter is high in vitamin/mineral content which greatly benefits dry skin while the pure Lavender essential oil calms irritation and soothes the senses.

Directions: Use morning and night. Apply a small amount of Face Butter to the face and neck areas and massage gently into skin.

Ingredients: Raw shea butter, aloe butter, Vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera oil, lavender infused oil, pure therapeutic grade essential oil

Handmade by NaturalAnnie's Essentials in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

CAUTION: External use only. It is recommended to perform a skin test before use. Discontinue if any allergic reaction occurs.

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