Little London List

We visited England and Wales back in May of this year, and stumbled upon a few gems in London that I thought you guys might love as much as we did. I’d definitely recommend hitting up all the well-known tourist attractions that the travel guides tell you about, but we have a way of coming across sweet little hidden neighborhoods when we travel and those usually end up being my favorite part of our trips. Sometimes after a day of crowds and history, it’s nice to sit down in a little hole in the wall and chat with a local.

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Plastic Free July, Plastic Free Life

Plastic Free July is taking over and the whole world is joining in. The goal of this movement is to provide resources and ideas on a global collaborative scale to help you and millions of others reduce single-use plastic waste everyday at home, work, school, and even at your local café.

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A Collaborative Spring Playlist

We asked on Instagram some of your favorite tunes as of late and you guys did not disappoint. We hope you love this collaborative spring playlist as much as we do! Share with us your favorites as your listen along.

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10 Uses for Your Lavender Sachet
  1. Tuck in your sock drawer. No messing around. Just being straight with you. Everyone’s socks need a little help.

  2. Put in the car for a natural alternative to commercial air fresheners.

  3. Place in the mudroom or shoe closet. Bye-bye stinky shoe smell.

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The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

The temperatures are dropping, blankets are being pulled out, and the holidays are upon us. Another words, it's time to get cozy! Time to pull together with loved ones and gather around a fireplace with a glass of wine, and what better way to add to the ambiance during this season than with a few too many candles scattered on kitchen counters and tabletops, shelves and night tables, fireplace mantles and coffee tables.

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