Introducing The Safari Collective


Well, friends, the news is out, and I'm so happy to say the support has been overwhelming. My heart is so excited to introduce you to The Safari Collective, a storied goods shop. We are officially live and open for business! So now, let me tell you a little bit about this brand new business of mine.

The idea for The Safari Collective first came to me this past summer. To begin, let me give you a peek into where my mind was at. I was in a time where I was working a ton, but I also felt a little lost amidst it all. It wasn't satisfying or thrilling, the way I wanted my work to feel. When I went to bed each night, I wasn't feeling like the work I was doing was really and truly what I loved. I had this overwhelming internal creative urge to do something for myself, other than run a blog. The thing is though, I had no idea where to start.


I think I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but for the past year or so, I've been struggling to figure out what my entrepreneurial niche was. All I knew was that I wanted to run a business that held meaning. I wanted to run a business that represented me. I wanted to find that niche that I could pour my passion into. I wanted to wake in the morning excited to get to work and lay my head down at night completely satisfied with what I'd accomplished. I was filled with so much drive and passion, but I couldn't figure out where to channel it all. But that all changed one day after returning home from the Elephant's Trunk flea market with a handful of beautiful goodies for our future home, the one that we were in the process of buying (talk about a busy past few months).

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with home design. On family road trips, you could find me in the backseat of the car drawing up architectural floor plans for my dream house. With a mother as a realtor, I would love the days I got to go on home tours with her and catch a glimpse into the stories of the people that lived there. I would dream of the day that I got to decorate my own home, buy the kitchenware I liked, decorate my walls with art that spoke to me, choose the books on my nightstand that fueled my passions, perhaps topped with a small vase and single flower. Well, those days came faster than I ever could have imagined. Fast forward to a few years ago, fresh out of college and living in apartments of my own. The time had finally come for me to decorate my own place.


Easier said than done. For years, I struggled to find home goods that weren't like every other coming out of factories in China. I wanted my home to be unique. I wanted my space to be my own, not like the one in the magazine. I wanted to own pieces that told stories. So I began tag sale hopping, thrift store browsing and flea market shopping. While these were also cheaper options, they were ultimately far more satisfying. The feeling of finding a dusty gem amidst the rubble was powerful and exhilarating. These objects held stories. Sometimes, the owner would tell it to me. Other times, it was left up to my own imagination. But one thing was for sure. If I wasn't going to buy them, they were most likely going to be destroyed. Then, their stories would be over.

So, here I was on that hot summer day, my feet covered in dust from walking the flea market aisles all morning long. I'd come away with a few gems for our home, however there were so many more that I just didn't have space for myself. But I also didn't want these items to be tossed to the side, thrown away or forgotten about. They have stories to tell, and they belong in our homes rather than our landfills.

Thus, the idea to create a storied goods shop was born. Our name, The Safari Collective, was soon after created. I started purchasing more and more inventory. I hired the wonderful Danielle to design my site. And here we are, officially launched and ready to bring you treasured goods for your home so that you can pen their next chapter. Just in time for the holidays.


The best part about this type of shop is that our inventory will grow each week. I am constantly buying for the shop in an effort to keep things fresh and to seek items I would (and do) incorporate into my own home, ones that I do not want to see thrown away. Ones that when you look at them, you see real, raw, authentic beauty.

I hope you can find something you love here. And please remember, we are a found goods shop. Our products are not all perfect, but that's what makes them beautiful. When you buy an item from The Safari Collective, it will be as unique as you are.

I also have to extend a huge thank you to everyone for their warm love and support throughout our launch week. It's been wonderful, and trust me, I've felt every ounce.

Stay tuned through all our social media channels, as there are many exciting new products always being added.

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