Happy December! Gosh, I love this month so much. It will forever be one of my favorites. The contagious holiday cheer, warm drinks, bright lights, blazing fireplaces, snowy nights, sweet food, laughing families. I just want to bottle it all up and savor it forever.

For this month's Moodboard Monday, the theme is holiday. While this may sound like an obvious choice, I love that the holidays mean something different to everyone. Granted, there are many common threads, but the memories and stories that each person associates with the word holiday is as unique as it gets.

The holidays to me are a representation of all that is good. They are about giving and caring, laughing and loving, eating and drinking. They are about snowfall and sweet New England downtowns, the scent of pine and warm baked goods, frosty windows and families. When I was a kid, December was all about the countdown. Every morning and night, my sister and I would announce the number of days until Christmas. All month long, we dreamed of the anticipation of that morning. While I wouldn't replace those memories for anything in this world, because they are truly as sweet as it gets, as an adult, the countdown is no longer important. It's no longer about waiting on Christmas, but about each and every little moment in between. The ones spent with loved ones, playing cards, chatting and laughing. The cozy nights in front of the fireplace with some (spiked) hot chocolate in hand.  The walks in the snow. The music, the cheerfulness, the joy. This month is contagious.

In a nutshell, that's the holidays to me. It's filled with so many stories and memories that I'll never forget, in a magical sort of way, thanks to my parents. Growing up, they made the holidays special. This time of year is still magical now, just in a different way. And I'm so, so glad December is here.

I'd love to know. what do the holidays mean to you?

Head on over to Brooke's blog, to see what they mean to her. In typical Brooke fashion, her moodboard is stunning! If you decide to create a moodboard of your own (we'd love to have you!), simply leave a link in the comments for us to see.

Next month's them will be new beginnings, and we will post on January 5th. Join us!

And happy holidays everyone! Cheers to a wonderful season.

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