An Ode to Christmas


Can you believe it is Christmas week already? I cannot. The months, especially December, seem to fly by faster each and every year. But here we are, Christmas only three days away!

It's been such a wonderful month, both personally and for The Safari Collective. Each night, after work is done for the day, I've enjoyed so much sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate and looking at our Christmas tree. The scent of pine, the twinkle of the lights, the warmth of a puppy on your lap... the holidays to me are all about the little things.

As more and more presents gather under our tree, more and more Christmas cards come in the mail from loved ones, and more cookies are added to our ever-growing stash, the joy that comes along with the holidays washes over me in even stronger ways. There's times when I miss the innocence of Christmas that I always experienced as a kid. I'll look at a child now and wish that feeling upon them forever. But the older I get, the more grateful I become for the little joys the season brings. The laughter at gatherings with family and friends, the smile on a child's face, the tree-lit lined streets, the sound of jingle bells and festive music, the quiet of a snowy morning, the calmness of a candlelit night, the warmth of a fireplace or a hug from a loved one, the joy, the laughter, the love. It's all so good. Although the childhood innocence of the season is a magical and irreplaceable feeling, Christmas nowadays is magical too. With each season, I notice something new, no matter how small, that truly makes the season what it is. I think the gratefulness of it all multiplies ten times with each passing year.

We haven't had much snow here in New England this December and we're bracing for a big rainstorm Christmas Eve, so it's tough to look outside the window and get into the holiday spirit. I do sometimes miss the white Christmas mornings at my grandparents' schoolhouse in New Hampshire when I was a kid. There was nothing quite like those. But even though there will be rain, not snow, this Christmas, the festive warmth inside our homes will be all the more appreciated.

As for The Safari Collective, I want to thank each and every person who has supported this little dream of mine over the past couple months. Every comment, like, tweet, purchase or kind word has meant more to me than you will ever, ever know. I will never regret chasing my dreams.

The shop is now officially on vacation until after the New Year. Orders can still be placed, but nothing will ship out until January 5th, when we return home from a lovely getaway to Vermont. We're packing up the morning after Christmas, piling in the car and road-tripping up to Burke Mountain in the great white north, my little slice of winter heaven. We have family flying out from California, and I am very much looking forward to a loud, chaotic, festive week of conquering all the snow-related activities Vermont has to offer. So, alas, I will get my snow after all!

Wishing everyone a truly wonderful holiday, wherever you may be and whomever you're with. I hope it is filled with much love and many laughs.

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Image: Aaron Stump