Waiting on Home


It's been almost five months since we bought our home. To be honest, there's days when it feels like we've lived here forever, and then there's days when I still have to pinch myself that this little place is really and truly ours. Looking back, I thought by now we'd be completely settled, that everything would be in its correct place and that each room would be looking exactly how I'd envisioned. Well, I laugh now because, though things are coming along, we still have walls left to paint, rooms left to organize and things still to be hung on the walls.

I've been meaning to do a home tour on here for a while now, to let you all inside our little space and see where our life happens. But I keep putting it off, telling myself to wait a month and the house will be looking exactly the way I envision. While I know this is unrealistic, that I'll always have changes I want to make, I'm hoping that over the next few months, we'll get a little more settled. I'm making a promise to myself that by the official end of winter, I'll have photographed and shared a home tour on here. You have no idea how badly I wish I could do that right now.

For now though, I thought I'd share some of my inspiration. There's tons more on my HOME Pinterest board, too. I can't seem to stop pinning anything and everything home-related!


Our house is an old church, built in 1923. At just over 1,000 square feet, it's teeny tiny! But it's enough space for us for the next five to ten years. Its location (right downtown) and its history are my favorite part about it. Build me an exact replica, brand new and out in the country, and we wouldn't have bought it.

Perhaps one of the most important things to me in a home is that it's light, bright and open. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're living in a cave. Back when it was a church, our house was one big room. Since then, walls have been put up to create two bedrooms, closets, and a bathroom. The main living space (living room, kitchen and dining room) is wide open. Zero walls. My kind of style. So you'd imagine the natural lighting would be extra awesome, right? Well, it is. Especially in the kitchen on early mornings. But when we bought the house, the wall colors did little to take advantage of the natural light. Picture browns and golds and a color I can only best describe as puke. Ugh! While in a certain decor style, these colors look great (and they really did with the way the previous owners had the house decorated), my style is just not that dark. We also had to deal with the dark hardwood floors, which are original and just beautiful! And there's no way I'm changing them. So the walls needed to be changed.

I'm happy to say the puke color is gone in our bedroom, replaced with white walls and a dark gray accent wall behind our bed. The gold hallway is now white and extra sunny in the afternoon, and the brown is gone from the living room. All that remains is the brown in the kitchen. The office is also on our to-do list. It's currently a light gray, which we love, but it desperately needs a paint job, and the built-in shelving needs a fresh coat of white, too. We're going to go with a dark gray in the office, since it gets the most lighting of all the rooms in the house.


So that's where we stand on paint! But there's still tons to do other than that. We have curtains and rugs to buy, paintings, shelves and hooks to hang, and places to find for all the clutter that somehow keeps building up, even after multiple Goodwill runs and full days spent organizing the house. Oh, and our roof needs to be replaced. So of course, after discovering a puddle on the floor of our mudroom one night last December, that is at the top of the list.

But these are all the joys of homeownership, right? With tax season just around the corner, I am gladly being reminded of the benefits of owning versus renting, and there are many.

Still, some days come when I find myself wishing for a bigger house so we have places to put all our stuff. During these times, I think of what it would be like to have to clean more than one bathroom or paint more walls than I already have to or vacuum more of Zooey's fur from the floors. Then, I look around and realize we don't need this stuff anyway. I'm a firm believer in only having things in your home that you truly love, and we are getting very good at following this rule. So good that I think of what it would be like to stay here longer than our planned five to ten years. We could raise a child here. We could teach them that their "things" aren't what matter. We could go for Sunday hikes instead of slave around cleaning a house double or triple this size, or tending to more gardens than we could handle. Our yard is big enough for a kid to throw a ball or run around with Zooey or play hide and seek with friends. It can be enough for us. It is enough for us.


While there are also days when I wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be in its correct place, I know that the process is half the fun. Sometimes it all makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry, but then I remind myself that that's what life is. The messy times help us appreciate the clean ones, the sad ones help us appreciate the happy ones.

And I can't lie - I truly love decorating my home. The little pieces that make it come together. The items that tell a story. The feeling you get when you get a shelf looking just right. After all, that's what The Safari Collective is all about.

So this year, I'm going to try to not wait on my home to become my vision. It's enough for now. It will get there eventually. Those walls will get painted, and Hobson promises me they won't be blank forever. I believe him. Inside this home is where our life is happening, and our life isn't clean and bright and beautiful every second of the day, so I guess I can't expect our home to be either.

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