Creating a Sense of Cozy and Calm Within Your Home

Though we've just hit November, it feels to me like winter is just around the corner. Lately, the chill in the air has me in sweaters and wool socks, bundled in blankets with hot tea on the couch at night. I can feel it. Winter is coming.

When the cold weather hits, I'm a believer in creating a sense of calm and cozy in whatever space you spend the most time in. For most, me included, this space is their home. And whether winters are cold and snowy where you live or not, there's something about those three months that makes most want to cuddle up indoors and make an evening out of it.

Here are a couple of tips that I find useful in creating a calm and cozy indoor space.

1. Create layers. Throw pillows and blankets can transform a blank and cold leather couch to a warm space that anyone would want to cuddle up in. Lighter colors can also add a quality of calm. Try this pillow and this throw.

2. Add a rug. There's nothing like a plush rug under your feet first thing in the morning. Even with frost on the windows and your breath in the air, it's a cozy feeling to wake up to. My recommendations would be by the kitchen sink, the couch, the bedside and the hallway. Something soft under your feet while walking around the house has a way of cutting through that chill in the air. Try this one or this one.

3. Bring greenery indoors. Not only are most indoor plants air purifying, they can instantly brighten one's mood. If your aim is to create a sense of calm within your home, a few indoor plants may be the answer you're looking for. Try this plant hanger to add some dimension in front of a window or a shelf.

4. Add a few candles. The oldest tale in all the land. For that relaxed, peaceful and calm atmosphere, a good soy candle is just the cure. We have a couple options in the shop. This one and this one are my favorites.

5. Light a fire. Have a fireplace? Use it. Don't have one? You can purchase an electric woodstove heater for under $100 at Home Depot. Our little old house lacks a fireplace, but I love a good fire in the winter. Last year, we bought this little guy to somewhat rectify this. While it doesn't crackle and spit like a real fire, it still gives off heat and adds a coziness factor to a chilly winter evening.

What are some of your tricks for adding a sense of cozy and calm to your home?