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Welcome to a brand new series here on TSC blog! I'm super excited about it and hope you all love it as much as I hope you will. Here's a little description of what I envision this series to be about.

Inspired By is a column in which I examine one single piece in The Safari Collective shop. I take inspiration from the item, based on its functionality, appearance, and the emotion it provokes. Using this inspiration, I then search far and wide for photographs and home scenes which fit with the theme of the piece, providing the reader with fresh ideas of how this particular piece can be added to a space.

I've done my fair share of shopping, and especially for the home. I know how easy, yet difficult, the process can be. We can be quick to fall in love with a piece - its color, design, or the way it makes us feel. We purchase it because we love it so much, bring it home (or anxiously await the day it arrives on our doorstep), and then the struggle begins. Where oh where should we put it? Which room does it belong in? Can we add functionality to it? Where do its colors fit best? And so on...

With this series, I hope to provide you with inspiration. I hope to instill fresh ideas and shed new light on how we can make forgotten objects new again and use them to feel more connected to the pieces we surround ourselves with.

Today, I'm beginning with a recent addition to the shop, this pair of painted candlestick holders. In all the photos below, I can envision these beauties as a perfect addition to the space. Whether in a mostly white room as a simple pop of color, or in a room filled with color, these guys are a seriously great addition.





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Full disclosure: I am not an interior design expert. These opinions are my own ideas and ways in which I would decorate.