My Cup of Coffee

Coffee scenes are some of my favorite. They hold a certain calmness and reassurance, like no matter how off balance one's day may feel, coffee is always there as a comfort. Do you ever feel that way?

For nearly a thousand years, people have been turning to coffee for health benefits, a warm escape, or a daily routine. It is such a deeply intertwined part of our culture, but one so often overlooked that it is almost an innate quality for us as humans. Some drink coffee for the mere aroma in the early mornings, for the feeling of a warm mug within our hands on winter days, or simply because it's what our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers always did.

I think the art of drinking coffee, though becoming less and less overlooked, should be just as beautiful as anything. And so with each mug or accessory that I add to the shop, my aim is to bring a bit of meaning to a routine that may have grown mundane. Let's make coffee-drinking beautiful again!

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Are you a coffee drinker? What does your coffee routine mean to you?

PS. I swear by this coffee and this maker.