Fleeting Moments

Life seems to be moving so fast these days. As much as I'm cheering on spring, I'm also in shock at how fleeting certain moments seem. At how quickly they come and go. Then, before I know it, they're just a memory. Like this day above. It was simple and wonderful and I want it back again.

Lately, the days have been warmer. The snow is surely melting, though with a foot to two of packed snow still on the grass, it is hard to believe it'll ever go away.

The birds have been chirping in the morning the past few days. That, paired with the morning sun coming through the kitchen window, has been a much-needed uplifting sign of spring.

We don't have the heat set to 70 anymore. The fireplace doesn't go every night. The coziness of winter is slowly wearing off.

It's been strange cooking dinner in daylight. Strange, but good. Pretty soon, it will be light out til 7 at night, then 8 and beyond. Pretty soon, we'll cook dinner, then make the short walk with the pup to the softball fields for nights of play and watch. Or we'll enjoy a glass of wine outside on the deck until late. Those are summer nights to me. They'll come, then they'll go again.

Our days have seen more time with the outdoors, more walks, more exploring. I take Zooey to the park more often or to our favorite hiking spots. I'm still walking knee-deep in snow, but the sun on my face and lack of mittens on my hands is a reminder that this transition stage will too fly by.

March is that month here in New England when some days are snowy and chilled, others are sunny and 60. Some days I can walk outside in a simple cotton shirt, others I need a few extra layers. I see it as Mother Nature's way of waking up. Of coming alive after a long rest. She deserves one, too, doesn't she?

The changes that come with this time of year are beautiful to watch. The snow disappears, the brown grass turns to green again, tulips pop up through the ground, and leaves take over the trees. While we haven't quite gotten to that stage yet, the simple act of melting snow is the first step in the process, and I'm taking it in. The snow, like anything, comes and goes. It's quick, fleeting, and I'll miss it one day soon.

I've gotten into a wonderful routine lately, of working in the early morning hours. Come mid-afternoon, around 2pm, I'll turn it all off and venture out. Sometimes to do errands or make trips to the post office, but lately it's been the time when Zooey and I will get our exercise. Being outdoors and stretching our legs is like a high, and I'm making use of every second I can get. Call it coming out of hibernation or what you may, but fitness has never been more fulfilling to me.

Thinking of spring is addictive, but I'm relishing in these good moments, too. Because tomorrow they'll be gone, and we can't get them back.

So be happy today, friends. Observe the details of the here and now. Listen to the sounds. Hear the conversation. Feel how you feel. It's more important than we sometimes think.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

PS. Funny sidenote I thought I'd share. You can't tell from these photos above, but it was in the forties on this particular day last weekend, which is paradise around these parts lately. When I walked out of the bedroom dressed for the day with that hat on, Hobson said to me, hi springtime! Now he's been calling me that ever since, and the hat has officially taken that name, too. I thought it was adorable and worth remembering.