Rainy Day

For this month's Moodboard Monday, Brooke and I decided on the theme of rainy day. Boy, is it fitting! So far this April, I'm pretty sure it's rained more than half of the days, and the forecast is calling for rain nearly all week long.

While not all of my rainy days can consist of reading in bed, hot tea, excessive cuddling and of course, a bit of Netflix, the few that can are perfect in every way.

I feel I have a love/hate relationship with rain. While nothing puts me in a better mood than a sunshine and summery day, there's something about the rain that forces us to pause. It makes us slow down and observe the here and now.

There's a certain stillness to the air that's telling us it's okay to stop for a moment, to not feel the need to keep up with it all. To let the laundry lay unfolded, let the dishes sit a little while longer, let our phones stay off for a few hours of solidarity. Telling us that it's okay to pick up a book, sit down and just simply read, without worry of what we're missing out on or what is next on our to-do list. Telling us it's okay to bake cookies and eat the entire batch, or brew a pot of coffee and drink every last drop. Telling us it's okay to stay in bed all day and cuddle with our favorite person, to stay in pajamas and not worry about our messy hair or sleepy eyes. Telling us it's okay to shut out the rest of the world for a while.

It is as though the whole world is taking a break. The earth is soaking up the nourishment it needs, and when we wake up the next morning and the sun is shining through the windowpanes, it's all still going to be there for us. Just because we took a day of pause doesn't mean we missed out on anything.

In our fast-paced, technology-crazed world, this is what rainy days have come to mean to me. They are that refresh button that we all need every now and then. And boy, are they good for the soul.

So friends, I'd love to know, what do rainy days mean to you?

Anytime this month, leave a link below to your rainy day moodboard! Brooke and I would love to come see your take!

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