Four Simple Ways To Remain Authentic on Social Media

Recently, one of my long-time favorite bloggers, Kate Amunrud, took the plunge and opened her own creative consulting business. Through her business, Kate coaches new and struggling bloggers and helps them to discover their passion for blogging by developing strategies that transform their passion into real-life success. Clear the Way was one of the first blogs I started reading when I took the plunge into the blogging over two years ago. Kate inspired me through her powerful words, and she continues to do so. I can't imagine anyone better training the bloggers of tomorrow. I'm happy to have her here today, sharing some great tips on how to remain authentic and true to oneself on the ever-inspiring vortex we call social media.

Remaining authentic on social media is the best strategy for showing your brand to the outside world and attracting the right people to that brand. It can, however, be hard to avoid using phony language or marketing tactics because what works really well for some people, might not resonate with who you are. Finding out how you best communicate with others on social media and remaining true to yourself is a challenge, but there a few simple tips you can keep in mind to keep you on track.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Many bloggers and small business owners feel pressure to be a certain way on social media. They have received messages that say you “have to be the expert” or you “have to be outgoing” and so much more. The best way to make an impact on social media—hands down—is to be yourself first. Feel comfortable in who you are and don’t pay attention to the advice that says you have to act a certain way, if that way doesn’t feel right to you. You run the show and you make your own rules.

Drop the Pitch

When you share on social media, you are primarily speaking to an audience that has already chosen to follow you. Many bloggers and small business owners forget this, especially when it comes to promotion, and they fall into using too many sales pitches. Your followers like who you are (that’s why they are following you!) so don’t feel like you need to transform your natural language to over-sell. Even though it is important to write for potential followers as well, if you focus on authentically promoting great content because you care about what you share, you will easily attract all the right people.

Treat Your Followers As Friends

If you think about your followers as a random mob of people you need to influence in order to make sales or attract attention to your blog, you can get caught up in frantically trying to shout your message to them. This results in over-sharing and a lot of anxiety. However, if you start to treat your followers like friends, you will begin to see the relationship aspect of social media. If your followers are your friends, you will take time to explore and enjoy their content and you will share your content more naturally. Seeing the relationship in this way will give you the space to calm your anxiety and just be yourself.

Check Yourself

Every few weeks I like to scroll through my social media accounts and review the content I have been sharing. I inspect the tone I use, the words I choose, and the overall message I am sending out to my followers. Doing this every once in awhile will help you notice the areas that feel inauthentic or that don’t resonate with you. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will feel editing yourself in the moment.

The next time you are about to hit “publish” on that social media message, ask yourself how authentic it feels. Being yourself and speaking with your followers as if they were your friends will keep you proud of the work you do and will help fortify your relationships with those following your social media accounts. Always remember than you are in control of the content you produce, so make choices that make you feel good.

Kate is a graphic designer, blogger, and creative consultant at Clear Creative Consulting where she helps bloggers develop the tools and confidence needed to blog with passion and ease. Her mission is to help clarify and streamline the process of blogging so bloggers can focus on the good stuff. Through her uniquely-crafted one-on-one consultations, collaborative online courses, and visual branding services, bloggers can obtain all they need to run efficient, beautiful, and successful blogs.

You can find her on her blog or the following social media: twitter | facebook | google plus | pinterest | instagram

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