Around the Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is one of my favorite parts about where we live. It's filled with charming old homes, sidewalks that lead to downtown, and the prettiest scenery. Since we purchased our house at the very end of August last year, this is our first spring here. It's been such a treat watching the transition from winter, learning which flowers will bloom and anticipating what color the tree on the corner will turn. Each day, it's a new surprise.

I'm relishing in it because I know it won't happen again, at least not in this home. At this time next year, I'll know which trees will be pink, where the tulips will grow and what color the peonies are in our gardens, something I'm anxiously awaiting; they are are bound to open any day now, and I cannot wait!

Nearly every day, Zooey and I break around lunchtime for a walk. We're about 5 minutes from downtown, so it's nice to get out and see what's going on. The amount of floral photos I have on my iPhone from our walks is embarrassing; these are just some of my favorites.

The arrival of Memorial Day weekend means the unofficial start of summer, and I'm excited to watch the transition to the warmer months continue.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We're kicking it off tonight with a taco night at a friends'. The rest will consist of a farmer's market visit, catching a couple softball games, some work around the yard, a Memorial Day parade on Monday morning, and hopefully some more long walks around the neighborhood. I hope you all have a relaxing one! Any fun plans?