Plant Babes

The other day I snapped some photos of our babies... plant babies that is, not dog babies. Though there might be a few of a certain pup in here too, if you make it all the way to the bottom.

We're growing (or trying to) a variety of herbs and veggies in garden pots. Our yard is fairly small and we already have enough gardens to tend to, so we decided against planting a vegetable garden. But I love the idea of growing our own food, and tending to these babes is a peaceful and nurturing chore I've come to look forward to. Two years ago, we were pretty successful in growing veggies on the deck of the apartment we were renting. Hoping this year is just the same!

Lavender for days

watermelon and sweet pepper

scallion, eggplant, tomato

Then, there's this monkey. Who just couldn't stay out of my field of view. Zooey was laying in the shade and wasn't much for having her picture taken on this day. But this handsome fella. Goodness, do I love him.