Travel Photo Contest: Block Island

Hey friends! If you've been around here for a while, you may know that travel is a huge, huge, HUGE passion of mine. You may also know that Block Island is like a home away from home for me. So I was absolutely thrilled that I was recently able to combine the two when I was chosen as a finalist in a travel photo competition!

The contest is for the Best New England Itinerary and my entry is titled A Summer Weekend in Block Island. How it works is the team at Marco chooses the finalists, the world wide web votes on them, and then first, second, and third place winners are announced. The voting period only lasts a week, and the deadline for my competition is Tuesday, June 30th.

So I'm here to ask for your help! If you would hop on over to the Marco website and take a peek through my competition, the Best New England Itinerary, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! If you think my entry, A Summer Weekend in Block Island, is deserving, please vote! As a bonus, by voting, you are entered for a chance to win $50. Who doesn't like earning a little extra cash just to glance at some pretty travel photos? Sounds like a good deal to me.

And be sure to take a browse around Marco while you are there! They are a new company with a pretty sweet mission to share the beauty of travel with the people around us.