My Woodworker

When we bought our house last summer, while I was swooning over the natural light and sweet charm, Hobson was most excited about the basement. I feel I have to say, being a home built in 1923, the basement isn't much. The staircase going down is super narrow and steep, and once you get downstairs, the ceiling height is fairly low, but it is enough for a little workshop for him. We jokingly nicknamed it "the shoppe" when we first moved in, and it's kind of stuck.

Woodworking has always been something Hobson's loved to dabble in, but with a place of our own, he now has more freedom to do so. We've chatted about him making a few things for The Safari Collective, and I'm happy to say that the first product is live! And it is perhaps the sweetest little creation ever, 100% designed and handmade by Hobson himself.

The tea light holders are each unique in their own way. Hobson uses various types of wood to build them, then stains them all a dark espresso, which I love. The hole in the center is cut just wide enough to fit a standard tea light, about 1.5 inches in diameter. The size of the candle holder itself will vary, ranging from 2 inches square to 4 inches square. They sell for $15 each, or you can purchase a two-pack for a discount of $25. It'll be a surprise what size you get in your package, but if you have any size requests, feel free to leave them in the notes section of your purchase.

There are so many places of use for these guys. I'm envisioning a few spotting a dining table during a summer dinner party, or one here and there as shelf decor. They add a rustic yet modern vibe to any space without going overboard.

I hope you guys love these as much as I do! Stay tuned - this won't be the last product by Hobson that you'll see here in the shop. He has lots of ideas up his sleeve.