Thoughts on 25

Today, as I turn 25 years old, I find myself reflecting on, not so much the past year, but my life presently. I think birthdays are good for that. Life lessons. Don't you?

Twenty-four was such a wonderful 365 days, filled with so much joy... a new house, a new pup, lots of love, laughs and adventures. I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything. Now though, as I roll through this quarter century milestone, I realize that what I crave most is happiness in the present moment. Not tomorrow, not this weekend, not in the future, but right now.

I don't want to spend my life waiting on 5pm or Saturday morning or that vacation next month. I want my Monday mornings to mean just as much as my Friday evenings and the middle of March to mean just as much as Christmas Eve. I want to really and truly be happy for the little moments, like that savory cup of morning coffee, even on a Monday, or that afternoon sunshine, even only on your 30 minute lunch break.

I think it's human nature for us to always want more. Once we feel a good thing, it's hard not to. The thing is though, the more we get, the less meaningful it becomes. And so, believe it or not, sometimes the short, sweet moments are the best kind of moments.

Twenty-five has me feeling really grateful. My life may not be glamorous and easy, but that's okay. I have so much. I have a man I love and who loves me, I have a house I can call home, a business I am proud of, my many passions, sweet pups, family and friends who fill my days. My life is yet a small corner of the world, but it's my corner. Though our house is messy, our pups drive us crazy, and my business isn't making millions, all these things make me happy and that's the best feeling.

So 25. Bring it on. I'm ready to work hard on me. To work hard on being happy with where I am. To work hard on making the everyday happiness a priority. To work hard in general so that those short and sweet moments stay exactly as they are - short and sweet.