Meet the Maker: Paige DuVall

I am so happy to have the lovely Paige here today! She is the maker behind the beautiful macrame plant hangers and wall hangings we have in the shop. To date, these are some of my favorite goods we've ever carried. They fit in beautifully to any style of space, and add a certain vintage charm that I just love. Read on below to learn about Paige's story, her daily routines and what inspires her gorgeous work.

Hello there! My name is Paige Duvall, the owner of Cotton and Copper Goods. My husband and I and our two fur babies (cats, Kippy and Chanchy) currently live in Menlo Park, California, right outside of Palo Alto.

Please describe yourself, your business and the story behind your work.

I am originally from the central coast of California where my amazing family lives. I am close to them so it was a difficult transition moving right after our wedding for my hubby's job in the Bay Area, but we are really settling in, finding community through church and work and are feeling more at home in the process. And it makes it easier for us that we get to see both sides of our family about every other month. This whole process and the changes that came with it really sparked something in me.

Most of my jobs for the past 7ish years have been working with young children ages infant to kindergarten. Children are a passion of mine, but I knew I was meant to do something different at the moment. Within the  last two years, I have been encouraged by my wonderful husband to pursue the creative and entrepreneurial spirit in me. My family and friends noticed that I needed to pursue these things inside of me before I did, and I am very grateful to them for that. Sometimes we get caught up in the track we have been on or what would make us look better to the world, and we don't pursue the other things. I am now a maker, a business owner, homemaker and housewife. I know this is where I am meant to be at the moment.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I am making a large inventory for a West Elm pop-up shop I am doing in the California East Bay (Emeryville, CA). It's the most I have had to make at once, but it is helping me to get inspired to make new pieces, such as a new wall hanging I am working on, using a 10 inch brass ring and cotton cord. You will see it in the shop soon!

Please describe your workspace.

I have to have greenery, leaves and trees around me, so after getting married, the process of our house becoming a jungle started to happen. This passion for bringing life inside is part of why I taught myself to macrame because I saw it as a simple, natural looking way to surround yourself with living greenery. Before I start working, I open the windows wide for the breeze and natural light.

Please share a little bit about your creative process.

My environment and aesthetics are very important parts of my creative process. If I overthink design or have a messy space around me, I don't create well. And since I have a home studio (my living room), I have to keep everything extra tidy. This doesn't always happen, that is for sure. ;) I like to feel the material, listen to things that encourage and inspire me and see the whole process through, from the picking of the best material to the making, shipping, handwritten thank you note and packaging of the piece. I like the feeling of having a finished product and sharing it. The sharing part made me nervous when I first started my business, but I just had to go for it.

How do you begin your mornings? What does a typical day look like for you?

To be honest, I am terrible at mornings. Everyone has their productive hours of the day and mornings are not mine. I start my morning with my husband trying his hardest to help wake me up. I sometimes take him to work because we share a car, and I enjoy that time with him. Then, I hopefully make it to Zumba a few times a week. After that, I make oatmeal with berries, green smoothie, or sourdough toast with cottage cheese and heirloom tomatoes (my staples). Then I get orders together for shipping pickup and start my work day at home getting life together (clean, cook, scheduling, organizing, errands, meet with friends) and I spend most of my day creating orders.

What inspires you on the daily?

Just looking at all creation and admiring all the trees and plants around me. Sappy, I know, but true. I also get inspired by my workspace. I so enjoy making a home and making it uniquely mine, so when I look around I like to see things that are lovely. That's part of the reason why I like helping people bring something handcrafted into their home that is simple, lovely and allows them to put there own touch on it with their favorite plant. Also, people who bravely live humble lives creating and sharing their gifts with the world. These people help us see that the gift of creativity should be just as valued as other forms of intelligence that may make you more money but are just as important.

Where do you hope your business is ten years down the road?

Well, I am such a dreamer, so I can tell you a ton of different plans I have for my life, but I know that life throws unexpected challenges and turns so I keep on dreaming but don't hold on too tightly. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom at that point, with maybe a side job of making, selling and teach macramé and ceramics out of a home studio right off of my house. I also have a secret wild dream of owning a Mexican-American café (breakfast tacos, Mexican chocolate mochas, pastries with a Latin flare... now I'm making myself hungry) and selling locally crafted housewares and goodies out of it, a real community gathering space.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Paige!