The Ocean: My Kind of Calm

On a cloudy day last week, my mom and I jumped in the car with nothing but our suits, towels, and a couple of snacks, and headed out on the hour drive to the ocean. We spent the late afternoon reading books, napping and enjoying the sounds of the shore. We didn't arrive til after 2, it was a Monday, and the weather was overcast. Not your typical "day at the beach" but, boy, was it a nice break from routine. It didn't matter that the sun wasn't shining, there was still something so serene, so peaceful, so rejuvenating, about sitting there, feet in sand, watching the waves crash against the shore, staring out at the never-ending ocean horizon, wondering about the people, the lives, the stories, that are taking place on the lands across from us. Feeling the light, salty breeze on our faces, watching the seagulls circle the waters for a catch, and just sitting in awe at how darn beautiful this world is. I don't think there's a much better medicine for the soul than to just sit by the ocean.

Today, or this week or maybe even the next, break from your routine and go to that place where you feel most calm. That to do list you have, it can wait. You'll still get it done, and it will get done even better. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in a rut, there's nothing better to do that to drop it all and walk away for a few hours to find that place of rejuvenation.