Wishlist for the Home: Urban Outfitters

Since Peeber joined our family back in May, we've had to put a hold on buying anything new for our house. In fact, it seems we've even taken away a few things so to avoid them getting chewed on (or worse, if you know what I'm saying), but I guess that's life with a puppy! We pulled up the living room area rug for the time being, have almost zero throw pillows in the house, and the rugs I had planned on purchasing for the dining room, the hallway, and the bedroom, well, those purchases are on hold until our little teething monster is a bit older. Until then, I'm resorting to making a wishlist for when that day comes.

Urban Outfitters is killing it lately in the home department. We bought these wall sconces (above) in white for our bedroom last fall, and I absolutely love them. They pop beautifully against the dark gray wall - just what I had pictured. Here's a few other items that I'm looking to buy once our crazy little dude is done tearing up our home.

Black Charlize Rug // The sharp black color of this rug would hide dirt like a champ, so it would be perfect at one of our doorways.

Diamond Pendant // The previous owners of our home did some major updates, including a few in the kitchen. While I am thankful for them and do think they look great, there are a couple things that just are not my style. We have two pendant lights hanging over the bar in the kitchen that are a little too traditional for my taste. I think by replacing them with the caged diamond pendant, it would add a more modern vibe as well as an airy flow to the space, making it look less cluttered. The same two pendants are also in our bathroom, so I'd probably keep the style the same and want to replace those two as well.

Black and White Pillow // Our couch is currently EMPTY of throw pillows, and it kind of kills me. A few throw pillows, in my opinion, can turn a living space from drab to fab. We have a brown leather couch that was the previous owners. I think one or two of these black and white throw pillows, paired with the berber area rug, would take our living room up a few notches on the coziness scale. 

Berber Rug // I can't tell you guys how much I love this rug, and every single one of the five color options hits the nail on the head! While we already have an area rug for the living room, I underestimated how its sharp red color darkens up the space, which I'm not a fan of. With two black dogs, it does hide the dog hair, but I think I'd rather do a quick vacuum every day in exchange for a warmer feel in the main living area. I'm dreaming of the neutral multi color for the living room and a smaller size in ivory for the dining space.

Desk Lamp // The same weekend we bought our house last August, Hobson and my dad built a desk for our office (it is actually very similar to the one Megan and Mike of The Fresh Exchange have in their new studio!). I LOVE it, and I love that it is handcrafted by my two favorite men. While the office gets the most natural light throughout the day and I am very rarely working in there past dark, we are still in need of a desk lamp for those rare occasions. The sole ceiling light in there is almost original to the home (1923) and gives off very little light, but there's no way I'm getting rid of it. It's a beautiful part of our house's history and so it stays.

Shaggy Sweater Pillow // Paired with the black and white pillow, this would create a whole new level of coziness in our living room.

Whatever pieces you need for your home, Urban Outfitters is a great option not to be ignored. They are classic, timeless, and a bit retro, yet also pack a bunch of fun and colorful pieces into their selection. Happy shopping!

Above: Max Wanger Prints One + Two // Map Canvas // Bamboo Step Shelf