Love What Surrounds You

It's been about a year since the idea of The Safari Collective first began to bloom in my mind. It took a few months of hard work and late nights to transform it from an idea to a real life concept, but let me tell you guys, it was beyond worth it. I explain a bit of the story behind TSC here and here, if you're interested, but one of the largest concepts behind this business is my belief in surrounding yourself with things you truly love. Sure, there are those pieces that you may have picked up in Target in the sale section because, why not? Or those pieces from that bulk home shopping trip that you brought a list along with you because your space was empty and you needed things to fill it so that it felt like home. Trust me, I have plenty of those. But I wholeheartedly believe that by surrounding ourselves with pieces that we truly love, life can be that much better.

So, I'm excited to be launching a new project on social media, called #lovewhatsurroundsyou. It's all in an effort to really appreciate, love, and feel connected to the items that we buy for our homes, our offices, our studios, etc. So show me what you love! Any photos that you post on Instagram, use the hashtag #lovewhatsurroundsyou and let's start a movement to really be thankful for the things we keep in the spaces that mean the most to us. Why shouldn't we? After all, it's these spaces where we spend most of our lives and I think we deserve to really love them.

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