Meet the Maker: Brooke Fiorillo

I've been friends with the lovely Brooke for a while now, and it's been nothing short of a treat. Hobson and I have had some wonderful times with Brooke and her husband, Dan, and feel so lucky to call them friends! With a baby on the way, I know those times are only going to get sweeter.

Other than being the absolute kindest lady and a fellow Connecticut-er (bear with me, I know that's most definitely NOT a word), Brooke is one of the most talented people I know. She designed our awesome logo, and I'm thrilled to announce our latest collaboration: a specialty quote print she lettered specifically for TSC shop!

Without further ado, learn more about Brooke in this wonderful Meet the Maker interview.

Your name? Brooke Fiorillo

Location? Connecticut coast

Occupation? Blogger and artist

Please describe yourself, your business and the story of how your business came about.

I have always been a creative person growing up, so it only makes sense that I ended up in a creative profession! I attended art school and started a job as a graphic designer at a marketing agency right out of college. Even though it's a creative field, I still felt the need to express myself in other creative ways. I began my blog, honestly, b., and began taking on freelance clients on the side. Last October, I decided it was time to leave my full-time job and pursue my own business. That's when I really started having time to create a lot more art and opened my shop.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I'm working on refining and growing my blog. I've also been working very hard on a new collection of paintings. I'm super excited to share these new pieces soon! I will be leaning away from hand-lettering pieces/prints, so everything in my shop is on sale right now to make room for my new collection!

Please describe your workspace.

Yikes, my workspace is a bit of a mess at the moment! I work out of my home in our second bedroom that we converted into an office. Juggling two separate businesses means my iMac and printers are in one corner of the room, while my painting table and supplies take up the other.

Please share a little bit about your creative process.

I almost always have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, so I'm constantly jotting them down in my notebook phone. I then try to focus on one or two ideas at a time and make them come to life. For my paintings, I always start with a color palette. The colors usually come from a place or a time of year. Then the execution stage comes and after that, it's all about sharing on my social media channels!

How do you begin your mornings?

Now that I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, my wake up/start times vary! I'm usually awake between 4-6, so if I can fall asleep afterward for a bit, then I allow myself that luxury! My usual start time is around 8:30. First I post to my blog and social media channels. I check emails then eat breakfast (never in front of the computer!).

What does a typical day look like for you?

After breakfast, I tackle most of my blog work til the afternoon. Then I take a break to attend yoga class or go for a walk. I come home, eat lunch, then work on any client projects I have going on. After that, I start/continue paintings that I have in the works. I try to end my day when my husband gets home from work so we can go for a walk or head to the beach for a bit, and spend the rest of the night together.

What inspires you on the daily?

Other artists and bloggers, talking with my husband or my entrepreneur friends, reading  and my yoga practice. It's amazing where you can draw inspiration from! Sometimes my best ideas come in the middle of a yoga class, when my mind is most relaxed.

Where do you hope your business is ten years down the road?

I hope to grow my art/painting collection and for people to fall in love with my work! It would be amazing to see my paintings in a gallery someday. I also hope to continue growing my blog and creating great content for my readers.

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