Three Cheers for Wedding Planning

Lately, my mind has been all-consumed by wedding planning. The colors, the music, the vibe, and most importantly, the honeymoon. We're having an October wedding, so we've got about eight months to go. While fall will be at its prime here in New England, I've opted to stay away from bold autumn tones, like oranges, reds, yellows, and keep the tones neutral and organic with lots of greenery and whites. It's just more "us." Hobson jokes that spinach and kale will end up being our centerpieces. While we're probably not taking that exact route (cute though, babe), it will be as simple and natural as can be. The locale we've chosen, a gorgeous working farm in the northwest corner of Connecticut, has enough beauty to speak for itself, and the last thing I want to do is overpower it.

We've gotten a lot of the big decisions out of the way and are just waiting on the little details to come together. Our save the dates came in the mail from Minted last week, so those will be going out this weekend. For now, it's fun to take it baby step by baby step and watch it all slowly come together. I'm not worried. I know no matter the decisions we make, it's going to be the best day of my life to date.

With that said, any advice is well-appreciated from all you brides out there!

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