California Part II: Santa Barbara

Oh, Santa Barbara. You beauty, you.

While in California, we visited this gem a couple of times. Those of you who have been to Santa Barbara know just how easily its charm can steal your heart. From its gorgeous beaches with seaside eateries to its stunning white architecture against the palm-dotted blue skies, this small SoCal city is a special one. I could've curled up there on that beach with a book or perched myself in a hillside cottage with views for days and been content for the rest of my life.

While we were staying with family in LA, we drove up and back to Santa Barbara for a daytrip, and we passed through again on our drive up north. My parents had visited SB many years ago, and it made such a huge impression on my mom that she's been longing to go back ever since. So we did, and we fell in love with it too.

We spent our time there enjoying seafood on the pier, walking State Street, grabbing ice cream at McConnell's, visiting Old Mission, and driving up and down the winding, hilly streets picking out our future dream houses.

Driving in California will forever be one of my favorite things to do. Even headed inland on our way back to LA, there was unique beauty around every bend. We drove through green flatlands, cities and then mountains, rolling clouds, beams of sunshine and a quick, warm thunderstorm. I could drive through California forever and never grow tired of it.

As for Santa Barbara, if you get the chance, go.