Don't Ever Stop Living

Hello there dear readers! Phew, it’s been a while. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks, as I’m sure most of you have seen on social media. We’ve (meaning myself and my wonderful army of loved ones who spent late nights working with tired hands) have opened a storefront in our sweet New England hometown of New Milford, CT. It’s been an absolute dream so far. Busy, but a dream. Long story short, I’ve wanted to open a brick & mortar location for The Safari Collective for a while now, and sometimes I have to pinch myself that it’s actually all real (I explain a little bit more of the backstory in this Instagram post).

Anyway, more on that later. I wanted to write today because I’ve been feeling this space pulling me back, like some powerful magnetic force whispering “don’t forget I’m here, I’m here to let your thoughts roam wild, I’m here for you to document this period of your life so that you never, ever forget it.” Is that weird? Probably. But it’s the truth. It’s how I see this space. It’s been my outlet for three years now, and I don’t want to let it go.

Simply put, blogging has escaped me lately, not because I want it to, but because it was literally the last thing on my mind. However, I want to keep this space because it means so much to me. And while this site has shifted to mostly the shop/business side of things, that one tab at the top labeled “journal” is still there, and I will try my hardest to keep this blog going. It’s my special place, it’s the one place where I can write freely, and it’s a space that I love to look back on as a diary of memories, if you will. I love it too much to let it go.

So here we are. Mid-June. Summer hasn’t even officially started, yet I've been experiencing too many moments where I feel like it’s slipping through my fingers, like it’s going to be over before I’ve even gotten a chance to soak it all in. Do you guys ever feel that way? Well I was the other day. I was inside working on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, and I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do this season. Go strawberry picking, take late night swims, head out on a picnic, take long walks around town and hikes at new places, have beach days and boat days and bonfires with friends… I could go on and on. But you guys get it, right? You have summer bucket lists too? So anyway, a few nights ago when Hobson got home from work, we went downtown, picked up some quesadillas and wine, drove to one of our favorite spots, and had a picnic. It was short and sweet and perfect.

This morning, I discovered the beautiful blog of Emily Meyers, called The Freckled Fox. I read her story and started to cry almost instantly. She lost her husband to cancer a mere few days ago. With tears in my eyes, I got lost looking at pictures of their five beautiful children and happier times, and I felt my heart break and my stomach twist up in knots. I simply cannot imagine, yet her strength and optimism through tragedy and sadness is so admirable. That women, her story, changed something inside of me. I'm not sure exactly what, but she is an inspiration.

It is not my intention to have you leave here filled with sadness, but rather gratitude and a fresh "live in the moment" perspective. If you’ve been waiting to do something, stop waiting. Go do it. You never know when this beautiful life can be taken from us.

So hug your loved ones, buy a plane ticket, stay up too late looking at the stars. Leave the laundry for a few hours and take a walk. Say what you feel, kiss a lot, and don’t hold back. Ever.