Hi dear friends. Phew. It's February 2nd as I write this and what a turbulent couple of weeks it has been. There's so many emotions that I've let myself feel over the past days as our country goes through some very momentous times. While this blog and shop isn't about politics, I feel it's as important as it's always been to be able to speak our minds and our hearts. I've struggled with holding my emotions and opinions inside me during this election. If you know me personally, you know where I stand. But professionally, with this shop, I've tried to keep things underwater. Eventually though, I came to the realization that I couldn't any longer.

We are a store, yes. We are a business, yes. But more importantly we are a collective. A collective of dream-chasing artists, many of which are strong women. We are a woman-owned business and we stand for that. I want this blog, this site and our storefront to be a place where people can come and feel safe, a place that stands for something, a place of comfort and hope when you need it. So know, that through all these trying times, we are standing with you, marching with you, and we support you in speaking up, speaking for equality, and speaking for love. We stand with you in unity.