Inspired By 02 // Ceramic Spoons

Inspired By is a column in which I examine one single piece in The Safari Collective shop. I take inspiration from the item, based on its functionality, appearance, and the emotion it provokes. Using this inspiration, I then search far and wide for photographs and scenes which fit with the theme of the piece, providing the reader with fresh ideas of how this particular piece can be added to their life.

I've chosen to feature these gorgeous ceramic and twine spoons we've recently added to our shop, handmade by Christiana Hedlund in Portland, Oregon. These beauties have received more compliments than I can count since they've arrived at our brick-and-mortar, so I thought it'd be fun to use them as the object of focus in this next edition of Inspired By. Check out below for ideas of how to incorporate these into your home and life.





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