Looking Back: 2018 in Review

snowy sunset on 2018

snowy sunset on 2018

Phew. 2018 flew by for us. I probably say that every year, but wow, I still feel like we just opened our shop doors yesterday and here we are having just closed out our third holiday season. It’s been an incredible year for us, and we owe it all to you guys.

A few highlights from the year included…

Being included in Planet Photo’s Faces of Female Entrepreneurs Exhibition alongside so many other admirable, fearless women. The amount of female entrepreneurs that make up our town is amazing.

Learning we were named a 2018 American Small Business Champion by SCORE. You can read more about it here. This entire experience was one of my favorite memories from the year and an important event for me. At times, it’s easy for small business owners to feel like we’re drowning amidst the big boys. Wearing all the hats and working behind the scenes on the not so fancy stuff every day can be exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes lonely, so to be brought together among 101 other small businesses was an incredibly unifying feeling.

We designed one of my favorite products to date - our BE THE CHANGE tee. This was a limited-run, exclusive product that sported one of my favorite life mottos. Only a few of these are left from our final batch - grab yours HERE!

We hosted more pop-ups and workshops than ever before, and hope to top that this year. I have a few up my sleeve so far, but I am always open to suggestions on what you would love to see and attend. In the past, we’ve done — jewelry pop-ups, floral arrangement workshops, succulents & sangria workshops, block-printing workshops, coffee tastings, cocktail hours, eucalyptus wreath and holiday wreath workshops, just to name a few. Those moments in our shop, usually sipping wine, surrounded by our community, are some of the best.

Finally, we finished out 2018 with our best holiday season yet & I know I have you all to thank for that. Every year, I can feel our world shift a little bit more. A little more mindfulness in the products we buy, a little more curiosity about how they were made. I’m so ready and so excited for 2019. I can’t help but smile thinking of all the possibilities to come.