Celebrate: Summer Solstice


1. Gather wildflowers. Take an early evening walk. Bring your dog, or your husband, or your little one, or the whole family. Pick wildflowers to bring home and put in a vase on your kitchen counter. They're always more rewarding than a store-bought bouquet anyway, and you can never go wrong with a wild, organic look.

2. Cook a meal using only vegetables and grains from the earth. Crack open a bottle of rosé. Turn on a summer playlist. Be kind to the earth and use only what she gives to make your meal. Maybe invite some friends over to join in the process.

3. Find some outdoor music. I'll personally be doing this tonight, and if you're local to Connecticut, you should join us in the center of New Milford for a concert on the Green. The first of many to come in these summer months.

4. Do yoga outside. Find an outdoor or rooftop class or bring your mat outside if you're at home. Spend some time practicing as the sun starts to set and the temperatures begin to cool off a bit.

5. Take a walk or go for a swim right as the light is beginning to fade away. The sun sets at 8:31pm tonight in New Milford, but the light will linger long after that. Take advantage of it. It will never be this light out this late until next year. Find a view where you will be able to see the sun dip behind the horizon. Bring a bottle of wine or a mason jar of your favorite cocktail and enjoy.

6. Lastly, be grateful for this place. This world gives us so much, for so little in return. We owe it every ounce of love and kindness we can give. No better time than summer.