A Little Fall Reflection

20131017-185357.jpg Tonight, Hobson and I are headed up to Vermont for a very short weekend trip. I wish we could stay so much longer, but it'll be a good few days of fresh air, family time and a simple weekend. I snapped these photos yesterday {iPhone quality only} when I was in Sherman for a couple of hours spending some time with the cutest little three year old girl, coincidentally a Sarah with blonde hair and blue eyes. Afterwards, I decided to drive to the top of the hill upon which my parents' house sits. They're already up in Vermont, but I wanted to take in the view I've seen every autumn of my life. I just sat for a bit and appreciated the beauty.

Warning. This is going to get sentimental. If you're looking for some Friday inspiration, read on. :)

As I get older, I become so much more aware of the little joys in my life. The things that bring me joy now I took for granted when I was young. My sister and I were lucky growing up. We had the most loving family, wonderful experiences and the opportunity to call a beautiful state like Vermont our second home. Still, it's days like yesterday when I just sat on the hill next to my mom's gorgeous gardens staring out at the Connecticut hills splattered in reds, oranges, and yellows, that I appreciate how fragile life is. How the joys of my life today seemed so miniscule a decade ago to my thirteen year old self.

The smell of bacon in the morning. A warm cup of coffee in hand. A walk through beautiful flowering gardens. Long drives down New England roads. Being wrapped in blankets on the couch on a rainy spring day. Walks with loved ones. Bike rides down local streets. A single cupcake. Hot chocolate and a warm fire. A fresh snowfall on a winter morning. That moment the leaves begin to turn colors from summer to autumn. Laughter. Conversation. A cloudless sky. A good hour of television. A cup of tea with my grandma. Writing a postcard to a friend. Brownies fresh from the oven. The perfect glass of wine. A dog or child's excitement at jumping in a leaf pile. A really hot bath. A good book. A warm bed. A hand to hold.

These are the simple things in life, but together they make up an entire, complicated, fulfilling lifetime. I'm looking forward to a weekend of simple things, and the days after learning to appreciate them more. I'm happy. I have people who love me no matter what. That is what matters to me today.

Happy Friday all. Have a simple weekend and relish in the little things. Imagining life without them makes it easier to realize how important they truly are.