A Note to Our Little Home

home I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but life gets in the way. Yada yada. You all know that. I also wasn't really sure how writing this post would make me feel. But alas, here we go.

This is the last week in our little home, and it's extremely bittersweet for my mushy self. I love our place so very much, all 700 square feet of it. We've only been here a year, but it was our first home together and it means so much to me. There are so many memories within these walls, so many firsts, so many dreams discovered, so much written about... I could go on. We've made this little apartment our home. Here is where we grew our first garden together, where we've hung pictures on the walls, where we've cooked a ton and drank too much wine and laughed til our stomachs hurt. In that sun-filled living room is where Hobson published his first book and where Safaris and Sunsets was born. We've had barbecues on that little deck of ours, played cards late into the night and celebrated birthdays. It's not just four walls, floor and ceiling. It's little moments in a box. I can picture us driving by this house years down the road, pointing it out to our kids and relishing in all the good memories... because there are so many.

People move often, and as much as I savor change, I easily become attached. I've grown so accustomed to the sunlight on my face in the morning through the window at the foot of our bed, to the birds nest outside our kitchen window, and to every little quirk of this place. This home of our's means so much to me, and it'll be hard to let go, but I am also very much excited for what the future holds. Call me crazy, but I actually am one who enjoys the moving process. Yes, it's stressful and hard work and at times overwhelming but it also means new adventures are coming our way.

So, where are we off to? What is next for us? Come back tomorrow to find out! When writing this, the words didn't stop coming. It got a wee bit too long for one post, so tomorrow, part ii...

( photo; type by myself )