American Blogger

Chris Wiegand

I do not think anyone would be surprised to know, there are so many reasons why I love blogging. It is a platform I am so appreciative of each and every day. Which is why, when I came across this upcoming documentary, my heart skipped a couple beats, I instantly opened up my blog and started this post. I had to share it; it's too good not to.

Introducing: American Blogger, a documentary by Christopher Wiegand.

I know this film is going to strike serious a chord with me. In as much of a high regard as I hold the process of blogging, I bet that, after seeing American Blogger, this wonderfully new form of expression will hold a completely refreshed meaning for me. Watching the trailer, I felt such a sense of community and a connection with the bloggers in it. I was overcome with a reassuring feeling that I'm not alone in this whole whirlwind journey of blogging. I could go on and on about how grateful I am for this community, but we may be here for days. I honestly do not know if the platform of blogging will last forever, but what I do know is that right now, I love it with my whole heart. The joy I find in blogging makes my day. Being able to read the blogs of so many creative people who have become dear friends of mine is truly a treat I am so grateful for.


"The human experience in general is interesting to people."

That quote just stuck with me. It's so true. We are all interested in each other, in all the little details. It's such a form of inspiration. We all have a powerful story, and our human experience is perhaps the most powerful story we could ever tell.

(Wiegand photophoto | design by myself )