Apple Orchard Photoshoot

HOBSON&SARAH_WM_09 This past Sunday morning, Hobson and I met a friend at an apple orchard just five minutes down the street from where we live for a photoshoot. I'll start off by saying that Kait, of Kait Jaouen Photography, is one talented girl. There was no real reason behind this shoot, just to capture some shots and indulge in a fun morning at the orchard. Now, Hobson and I know we're not flawless models, but I absolutely love the way these photos turned out! I'm excited to look back on them years down the road and smile. I've never done a photoshoot with anyone other than my father. That on top of the fact that it was a "couples shoot" and we're supposed to be all lovey and cute made me a little nervous, but Kait made us comfortable within the first seconds and it turned out to be oh so fun! Hope you enjoy these shots. We absolutely loved them! Check out some of Kait's work on her facebook page, as if these photos aren't proof enough! She rocks. Seriously. HOBSON&SARAH_WM_03HOBSON&SARAH_WM_06 HOBSON&SARAH_WM_07HOBSON&SARAH_WM_10 HOBSON&SARAH_WM_11 HOBSON&SARAH_WM_12 HOBSON&SARAH_WM_13