Autumn Weekend

20131006-214044.jpg For a couple weeks now, our little group of friends has designated October 6th to be a full-fledged "fall day," filled with all the great little festivities that come along with the autumn season. The weather didn't quite cooperate, as it was rainy and overcast Sunday morning. After back and forth conversations and multiple looks at the radar, we decided we weren't going to let a little rain stop us. So we packed ourselves into boots and coats, ready to brave a little wind and rain. Boy, am I glad we didn't let a little bad weather stop us. After our apple picking adventure, of course complete with apple cider donuts and hot apple cider to keep us warm, we all headed back to our place. The rest of the afternoon was filled with lounging around watching football, lots of cooking and baking in the kitchen, good ol' pumpkin beer and apple cider cocktails, and lots of laughs. Goes to show... a little setback like some rain cannot stop a bunch of friends as closeknit as mine from a day of fun. And man, do I love them. There's some people who come into your life and you never want them to leave. They just get you, you get them, and it all works. That's these people for me.

These lovely photographs are by my awesome friend, Amanda. This girl LOVES photography, and she is damn good. Check out her website here.

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