In My Bag: Roadtrip to Raleigh


Today, Hobson, Zooey and I are hopping in the car (a rental... long story) and shipping down to Raleigh. The plan, as of now, is to do about half the trip today and the other half early Friday. It's a ten hour drive, so our goal is to make it through Washington, DC before stopping for the night.

Guys, I'm excited. I have a huge thing for roadtrips. I love the uncertainty of them, the "let's just go and maybe get lost" mentality, the guarantee that new things will be discovered and new memories will be made. Roadtrips also have a way of forcing us to live in the moment, to unplug and to be present. As a culture, we get bored too often. We are so used to the go, go, go routine that, when we are not inundated with work projects, to-do lists, coffee dates or happy hour plans, we don't know what to do with ourselves. We've forgotten how to just be. Think about it. When is the last time you just sat still, without a phone in your hand or a computer screen in front of you? Can you even remember? Sitting and relaxing and being present has become a struggle for our society when it used to be a reward. I see roadtrips as a time to go back to that practice and to simply be. A time to sit back and take in the beauty flying by outside the window. A time to be still (or as still as one can be in a car going 70 mph down the open highway).

Sidenote: If you want to read more good stuff on learning to be present, head on over to A Lively Blend where Emily chats about four life-changing lessons she learned on her recent trip to Costa Rica. Such a good read.


I put together a quick list of a few things that are in my bag for Raleigh. Every one of these pieces is from Madewell, and though I do own items from other brands, I think this round-up speaks a lot to how great of a company Madewell has become.

1 Stripework Drawstring Pants | I'm all about comfort when traveling (okay, I'm all about comfort, all the time). Loose pants like these are perfect for long car rides.

2 Light Wash Chambray Shirt | Chambray goes with everything. Dresses, shorts, jeans... you name it. I get cold very easily, and when thrown on over a tee, chambray takes that chill out of the air. It's lightweight enough for daytime wear in hotter weather, too.

Cutaway Tank | Especially since we're headed south, I'll be towing along a few of these simple tanks. Again, these can go with anything and are awesome for layering come sundown.

Tunic Dress | Lightweight, cool, great for travel and any attraction or sight you might encounter.

Track Shorts | Comfortable, breathable, cute. Need I say more?

The Thea Sandal | These babies are ultra comfortable, easy to slip on to take in that view you just had to stop for along the way, and transition easily from daytime wear to a dinner out.

The Transport Tote | I love this holepunch tote. It has a classic look, but the holes add just the right amount of edge. When traveling (and even when out and about at home), I use this to carry just about everything... iPad, notebook, pens, wallet, book, glasses, phone, on-the-go beauty essentials, etc.