Beach Day & Buried Treasure

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Connecticut. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze and the temperature was just right. We decided to take full advantage and adventure about 30 minutes south to the Connecticut shore along Long Island Sound. As a girl who loves her ocean and grew up boating in and around the Sound, the snowy winter had made me miss that salty air scent and warm sea breeze. Since reading a few months back about the neat legends of Charles Island and Captain Kidd's 1699 buried treasure, I've been patiently waiting for the snow to melt and the thermometers to rise to spend a day down at Silver Sands State Park. This place is definitely going to become one of our favorite and frequented spots. Since moving a bit farther south a few months back, the commute was perfect. There is no fee for parking or entrance to the beautiful state park, and I love how laid back and uncramped the atmosphere was. When the tide goes out, the sandbars in the sound are perfect for refreshing walks. We even ventured out all the way to Charles Island when the sandbar made its way to the water's surface. {Warning though, I've read that if the sandbar is not completely above water, it can be dangerous to walk to the island}.

Despite some sunburn, we had a perfect little day. Since there is no concession stand {which I sort of enjoyed}, we stopped before in the picturesque Milford center at a great deli for sandwiches and fruit salad {a beach essential in my book}!

I captured some neat Instagram photos. {Follow me to check out more}.