Beautiful Chaos

August_BeautifulChaosA few months back, the lovely Trina from Of Trees and Hues began this great little series titled At This Moment in an effort to be more mindful. I found it truly inspiring and so I've decided to begin putting together some of my own. As someone who is a planner by nature, learning to live and feel and appreciate the present moment has always been trying for me. When there are big and exciting things happening in the future, it becomes difficult to live for the present. Now more than ever, I think this practice is an important one for me to adapt. There's some milestones coming up for us over the next few weeks, ones that we are absolutely over the moon about! But recently, it feels like the waiting game has set in, and it feels like some days I'm just wishing away, and I hate that feeling. The days are chaotic and unorganized and I'm dreaming of when I can fall into a routine again. But at the same time, these days are beautiful and ones I know are necessary.

Through these trying days, I keep reminding myself how much I love summertime and all the sweet things that come with it. I'm trying to find the beauty in the early morning sunrises, the warm late nights, and even the sweltering days. That ice cold glass of rosé in bed at night, the fireflies flickering in the darkness outside our window, Zooey constantly snapping at the warm summer air in an attempt to capture the gnats that surround her little face. The mornings at the dog park in an effort to wear this energetic pup of mine out so I can settle into work for the day (a routine that never seems to come), the late afternoons spent at the lake, the evenings of softball games, cold beers, and grilled dinners. It's all so beautiful and it's all my meaning of summer. But amidst it all, there's a longing for the exciting things to come next month. I can't help it. I've been trying to remember that each day is a new one, is so precious and deserves to be truly lived, but I still have yet to find the patience I need to wait this one out. That's why I call it beautiful chaos. It's chaotic and it's beautiful and it's crazy and it's life. I think recognizing that life is really and truly good is the first step to truly appreciating each moment of it.

Last week, Megan wrote a great post over at The Fresh Exchange on the importance of having patience. It's like she wrote my thoughts exactly. When there is so much good coming just around the corner, finding patience is hard. But I'm learning, and by living for today, I think the practice of patience is one that will come.

Have you ever had days like these? How do you practice patience when the time calls for it?

On that note, my friends, a very happy Monday to you!

photo sources: boat, car, florals