Buttery Beer Bread

BeerBread A week or so ago, I brought home a six-pack of beer from Whole Foods. It was a new brand we had never tried, but we're always up for trying new beers, so I thought it would be a nice treat. I was wrong. Usually Hobson and I love dark beers, but this one was just a bit too dark. It was good, just not for us. A night or two later, Hobson brought home another new six-pack. This one was a bit better but still not particularly our style. So, we had a lot of beer in the refrigerator, needless to say.. We've cooked a couple dinners with it, but with at least a half-dozen still in the fridge, I decided to make a savory snack.

Let me tell you, this buttery beer bread is yummy. You can still taste the flavor of the dark beer, but the sweetness of the butter and bread tones it down the perfect amount.

Will definitely be keeping this recipe! and will probably be using it again in the next few days, as I don't see either of us reaching for one of those bottles as an evening refresher anytime soon.

Happy Friday friends! and happy baking!