China's Silk Road // for the Bucket List

China's Silk Road Guys. I have a new item on my bucket list. Yes, it's another one of those "off the beaten path" experiences, and it sounds absolutely incredible. I came across it while catching up on some travel reading yesterday, and I can't wait to one day do this journey. Thanks to Lonely Planet for its always awesome inspiration, this was one of my favorite travel reads lately. How does backpacking China's Silk Road sound? Pretty adventurous, full of history and natural beauty, and a walk {or train ride, or both, for the modern day adventurer} that was taken in dry desert heat thousands of years ago by explorers and traders. I don't mean to make it sound daunting, truly. But maybe read Lonely Planet's article to relieve those worries? Properly done, this excursion is a two to three week journey through the northwest of China, intersecting here and there with the famous Great Wall and ancient Chinese archaeological sites. To take in a full dose of the beauty of the landscape, it is recommended that at least part of this journey be completed by train. That sounds fine to me. Backpacking may be fun, but I think anyone might get a little hot walking in desert heat for days upon days.

Happy Friday guys! Do some travel reading this weekend and come up with something fun for your bucket list!

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