A Mini Cultural Breakdown

If you're a reader of this blog, you probably read yesterday's post about my confession of my obsession with the television show NCIS and my heartbreak when the character Ziva David recently left the show. If you didn't read it, I strongly urge you to do so. It might give you a little insight into this next post. Advisory: strong girl crushing going on here ;)

In my frantic Google search to figure out why Cote de Pablo left television's most watched show, I came across this blog post. I was pumped. Not only did it make me feel a little less alone in my crazy world, but it helped me make sense of just why I felt as sad as I did. I'm not joking here guys. When I woke up the morning after watching Ziva's final episode, I felt like I had just gone through a bad break-up. I know you think I'm crazy. But read this and hopefully you'll think I'm a little less wacked.

Did you read it? Did it get you thinking about just what kind of female characters we connect with? What type of women this world needs? Because it did for me.

Cote de Pablo plays a character that is strong, fierce, motivated, and determined. She is not your typical female television character, but rather a self-assured woman who brings multiculuralism and independence to a very American world. Ziva is a force to be reckoned with. She is the type of woman I want to see more of, not only in television, but in reality... assertive women who know what they want, will do the right thing, and will show respect and compassion when the time comes. Our world is no longer a "man's world" and it is slowly becoming a place where the American word is not the final say. To NCIS fans (and as television's most-watched show, there are many), this is exactly what Ziva represented. She was progress. She was the future. She was two very different cultures coming together to work side by side. She was the powerful feminine force in what used to be a male-dominated field. Ziva David was class.

I'm the type of person that likes to ask why, which is probably why I found myself looking to analyze my feelings the other night after I watched Ziva's farewell episode. I am fascinated by the past, present and future of the world's many cultures. Television shows such as NCIS are a vital part of our present society. There are reasons behind why viewers create attachments to certain characters and storylines. The shows that draw people in are the relatable ones and NCIS is no exception. It is filled with laughter in a world of too much crime, finds the truth in a world of lies, and is made up of people just like ourselves. People that make mistakes, people that joke, people that love... and we relate. Characters like Ziva David connect to independent women everywhere. For males, there is nothing more attractive than the confidence a women exudes. (I think? Yes? Maybe not...)

To put it simply, I want to be her.

Do you agree? To all the gals out there, is a strong, determined, independent, respectful, compassionate woman something you strive to be? Would you connect with a character like that? Granted, she's human. She makes mistakes. I mean, she left the show to start fresh after realizing all the pain she's caused others throughout her life. But damn, that makes her even MORE relatable... admitting your faults and taking action to change yourself.

Some food for thought for your day. Go get 'em ladies.

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