Current Observations

BePresent In an effort to live more in the smaller moments and be grateful for the present, I wrote this list yesterday afternoon. I think it's a good tool, if you ever feel yourself getting lost or ahead of the game. Come back to center by writing out what the present feels like. It certainly helped me learn to hone in on the details of the present and appreciate the little things

MAKING this fun compilation. COOKING not much - more like eating Easter leftovers for days. DRINKING lots of lemon water. READING tons of travel articles - I have the itch to plan a getaway. WANTING today's sunshine to never end. LOOKING to purchase this book. PLAYING Eric Church and Dierks Bentley - embracing this country summer mood. WASTING time trying to decide if I like the paint color in the bathroom. SEWING nothing, absolutely nothing. WISHING we were driving to the airport in the dawn of the morning - those are my favorite drives, the starts of adventure. ENJOYING the sun on my skin. WAITING for the long days of summertime. LIKING the quiet moments of the afternoon. WONDERING if this year will be take me down the path I'm hoping for. LOVING the dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies my sister made for Easter. I may have had one for breakfast. HOPING for lots of adventures this year. MARVELING at how absolutely stunning Machu Picchu is through a friend's Instagram feed. I've wanted to see that Peruvian beauty for so long now. NEEDING more time. SMELLING the potted flowers sitting next to me on the deck. WEARING paint-stained boyfriend jeans and a loose white tank. FOLLOWING a bird's path through the sky. NOTICING how much I love the early evening time lately. I find I look forward to it. TRYING to be more conscious of how I spend each minute of my day. KNOWING that life is pretty good and sunshine makes it even better. THINKING about the to-do list I'm going to make next. BOOKMARKING air plants to purchase to fill this pretty little thing. OPENING the fridge - too often. GIGGLING at my silly pup. FEELING relaxed.