Current Observations: 02

Treats MAKING this house a home. A fun, exhausting project. COOKING hot soup to use up the loads of farmers market veggies sitting in our fridge, and to warm things up around here, because, well, hello 40 degree nights. DRINKING coffee. READING anything and everything home decor related. WANTING this cardigan. I would, quite literally, live in it. LOOKING for a cozy rug for our living room. Suggestions would be appreciated! PLAYING Ella Henderson. WISHING for the weekend. It's going to be a good one. ENJOYING the slow, chilly mornings. Sweaters, coffee, candles. Yes, yes, yes. WAITING for the weekend. Said that already, yes? LIKING this capsule wardrobe idea. Wishing I had the time to make it happen. WONDERING what the dog is chewing in the other room. Worst nightmare. LOVING this time of year. I know everyone is saying that but gosh, it's just so cozy and fresh and new and good. HOPING for a quintessential New England autumn. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf peeping... you name it. MARVELING at how quickly this year is breezing by. NEEDING a warm blanket. SMELLING the ocean spray candle lit next to me. A little out of season, yes, I know. WEARING sweats and a cozy sweater. NOTICING how far we've come in our house so far, but how far we've still to go. TRYING to be okay with slow progress. THINKING about how much I really love September. What a freakin' awesome month. BOOKMARKING rugs, lamps, cabinets. All day long. FEELING excited for these next few weeks. They're going to be good.

What observations are you making lately?

Image by Sarah Wheeler via Instagram & iPhone ( @sarahannwheeler )