Friday Delight

Houseplants Air Cleaners

{5 Houseplants that Clean the Air}

Another week in the books all! Hope it was a fairly relaxing one. This weekend is looking to be a perfect little bundle of fun, kicking off tonight by being a proud sister at Amy's art show opening. Not to brag, but my sister has got to be one of the most talented painters I've ever known. Hoping to throw together a website for her one of these days so you all can see {and purchase} her stellar work. On Sunday, Hobson and I are partaking in a couples photoshoot for a photographer friend, which should be really fun! Photos to come on the blog eventually. I've thrown together some fun and useful links from around the web I thought you all might enjoy. I certainly have found them interesting!

Happy Friday, all! xoxo


{Grilled cheese bucket list}

Single Brew Loose Leaf Teapot

{Recently, we've come across tea leaves growing in Hobson's parents' backyard, so I WANT this single brew loose leaf teapot}

Skull Speaker

{This Skull Speaker looks so fun for Halloween parties!}

Last but not least, this inspirational story.