Dreaming Of...


I'm a big dreamer, along with everyone else in the world. But I said something to my mom the other day that made me feel the need to share what I've been dreaming of lately. "I don't just want to dream, I want to make it happen." So I decided to put down into words some of my most recent dreams. Pinterest is always good for that, allowing us to peruse and visualize our dreams. Sometimes though, we need to stop dreaming and get to work on making it happen. Turning our lives into that dream.

Yes, I know, easier said than done, but I'm determined to turn my dream life into my reality. I know I can make it happen. In the meantime, I'll be sharing my inspiration to keep myself on the right path. What are your dreams? I'd love to hear.


Backpacking in the mountains {any mountains!} // Source


Seeing San Francisco // Source


Lake Louise, Canada // Source


Natural rock pools in Pamukkale, Turkey // Source


Rua da Rosa, Lisbon, Portugal // Source


Nürnberg/Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany // Source


Petra, Jordan // Source


Bergen, Norway // Source


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria {I've actually been here, but it is a huge dream of mine to return to Bulgaria one day} // Source