Inside Look: February

DaysLongYearsShort A goal of mine for this year: taking more time to reflect, remember, record and feel grateful. It feels like the year is flying by. Heck, it's already March? That seems unreal. Feels like just yesterday I was raising my glass and welcoming 2014...

The days are long, the years are short. Savoring moments, good and bad, and recording them is an important part of who I am and how I want to remember my life. That may be why this blog of mine means so much to me. Last summer, at the end of every month, I got into the habit of going through my iPhone photos and printing them. When they came in the mail, I'd go through each photo individually and write on the back anything at all I wanted to be sure to remember about that moment. I've since fallen behind on this and am making it a goal at the end of March to get back into this small routine. But this is also a habit I want to begin on here. Granted, I won't go through every single photo because, well, I take a lot. Even that is probably an understatement. But I've picked out some of the shots that felt rounded out what my February looked like.

So without further ado, this was February.


concerts galore. I'm a firm believer that music is good for the soul, and for staying sane during long winters.


lots of letter-writing and tea drinking.


inside warmth, outside chill. 4

getting lost in the winter wonderland of Vermont.


fun drinks, lots of cooking and baking and time spent dancing in the kitchen.6

new changes.


flying down the mountains of Vermont.8

pretty things.


It's been a very good month, but I'm so ready for you March. Please bring some warm temps in the coming weeks. My body needs some natural Vitamin D, and my blonde is starting to fade. I just don't look good with dark hair, and my daily uniform of sweaters and leggings is wearing thin.