Festivals & Fairs

065 Welcome back to Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a refreshing weekend. Here in Connecticut it was that "not too hot, not too cold" type of weather. Perfect.

Saturday was a day of summer festivals and fairs. When I think of New England summers, festivals and fairs seem so fitting. There's just something so fun and indulging about Connecticut's summer festivals and fairs, whether it's a wine and beer fest, a food fest or an arts and crafts fair. I love browsing the tents and observing the evolution of fairs from year to year, how the people change, the art changes and the types of food that gain and lose popularity from summer to summer. We'd been looking forward to the Connecticut Wine Festival for a while now, and it was everything we expected and more, complete with loads of people, food truck cuisine, tasting after tasting of savory Connecticut wine and awesome vendors {who I would have cleaned out if only I had more cash}. Located at the Goshen Fairgrounds, we sat in the grass as we ate a picnic lunch {caprese and antipasta skewers, seafood in a filo dough cup, and clams}. So yummy! The northwest corner of the state is so, so breathtakingly beautiful. At times while driving, I felt like I was in Vermont, passing farm after farm and farmstand after farmstand. We made our way to a couple other wineries in the area {Land of Nod, Miranda, and Sunset Meadows} and stopped at the great New Milford Fair Days on our way home for a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and crab cakes and some browsing through the tents. All in all, perfect summer day. As I'm sitting here writing this, it's Sunday evening and a summer rain shower is closing out the weekend. It's so refreshing. I hope you all have a beautiful week.

Apologies for the photos! All iPhone {and a few Instagram: @sarahannwheeler} snapshots.

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