20130829-000546.jpg My head seems so full right now. I have so much I want to write about, but I am at a loss for where to start. So I think a freewrite is in order. Although I didn't take writing classes in college, I do remember how often and important "freewriting" was in my grade school writing classes. Just to take a few minutes out of our hectic lives to jot down whatever, and I absolutely mean WHATEVER, comes to mind. Spelling, grammar, and all else technical do not matter. Here we go. Bear with me.

I've been exhausted this week. Playing dodgeball last night with Hobson and some of our friends definitely was the midweek kickstart that I needed. I'm loving learning the ropes to this new gig that seems to be fitting me well thus far. New opportunities are exciting. I also have had the cities of America on my brain as Hobson and I have started to open our minds to moving next spring when our lease is up. Denver? Portland? Burlington? Hmm. So many choices but really the best kind of choice to have to make. The past few mornings when I wake up for work, and it is still pitch dark for the first half an hour of my day are forcing me to realize just how quickly summer is ending and autumn is approaching. After dodgeball last night, we stopped into Starbucks for a lemonade iced tea pick-me-up and saw the infamous pumpkin spice latte had made its return. Mmm fall. There's been three great men on my mind the past few days. The ABC screw-up of broadcasting that Neil Armstrong passed away a couple days ago when the American hero has really been gone for over a year got me thinking about that monumental day in July of 1969. The unity that the entire world felt that day at the success of humankind must have been truly unforgettable and irreplaceable. Hats off to you, Neil Armstrong. Martin Luther King. The difference you made in this world 50 years ago cannot be put into words. You spoke for the unspoken and taught that it was okay to do so. Our society today is ever grateful. Last is a name famous in my tiny hometown of Sherman, CT. The Happy Acres farm that I've driven by every day since my parents brought me home from the hospital 23 years ago will never be the same. Tony, you were the most hardworking man our town has ever seen. Your legacy and your farm may not have the same fame as that of Armstrong or King, but it is equally important and will be forever remembered.

Well, that was not exactly how I remember my elementary school freewrites that were more along the lines of one to two word sentences, but hey, I certainly feel better. Nothing like a little writing to clear your head and start fresh. Happy Thursday everyone.

20130829-002903.jpg {Happy Acres Farm in the background of our family photo last December}

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