Friday Delight

Walking Trees and laughs Shoulders Running Laughs Josh and branch Far Away It's Friiiiday! Yay! I'm a happy girl for that reason, as I'm sure many of you are as well. You're probably relieved that this isn't another NCIS post, too. I can hear you all sighing finally. What can I say? I love my little NCIS world.

Even though I work from home all week long, there is something extremely relaxing about being conscious that it is the weekend. All day Saturday and Sunday, I'll be babying my many little work projects, but there will be a certain calmness to my methods, rather than my mad keyboard pounding that takes place Monday through Friday.

Any who... who has fun plans for the weekend?! Hobson and I are plan-less. 100 percent, which almost never happens. I'm going to relish in that. We had toyed with the idea of taking a weekend trip, but there is just too much work to be done over here!

My dad emailed me these photos the other night. They are a few left over from our trip to Vermont about a month back. Just a few I thought I'd share, because I got a good laugh out of them.

Have a good one, friends.

Photography by Tad Wheeler

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