From the Weekend: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

20131118-224515.jpgThis past weekend, my little family of six (mom, dad, sis, sis's boyfriend, Hobson and I) spent Saturday in our state's capital of Hartford. Earlier in the month, we gave my mama tickets to see the lovely Trans-Siberian Orchestra as they perform their last ever Christmas show. So we made an afternoon/evening out of it and headed out for dinner and drinks after the show. If you ever get the chance to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, take it. It was such a treat.

A little dancin' in the street pursued on the walk to the restaurant (blurry photo of Amy and Josh). If you know these two, you know random happenings such as dancin' in the street are pretty much their norm. These two teach me to embrace life moment by moment all over again every time I'm with them.

Happy Tuesday. I hope you go dance in the streets today or something along those lines.





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