Fun + Games // A Holiday Party

fall in love with moments Ok, so I realize it's no longer the holiday season + people are mostly just trying to get through January the past few weeks. So yes, this is a verrrry late post! But I finally got around to glancing through some photos from one of my favorite holiday parties of the season.

This party was just plain, good old fun. It was many hours of drink concoctions, games, a cozy fireplace, laughter, and the absolute best people, all together, warm and happy inside while a snowstorm blanketed Connecticut with eight inches of snow. Once midnight rolled around, we bundled up, ventured outside, had a few snowball fights and some good ol' road sledding, followed by the first slumber party I've had in years. When was the last time I purposefully brought a sleeping bag to friend's house again? And fell asleep in it on the living room floor, next to a beautifully lit Christmas tree, a crackling fire and Elf playing on the television? I certainly felt like a child again.

Like I said, just good plain fun. Moments to fall in love with.

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